Original papers of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biological and Medical interest are published in the International Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Journal. The journal is a half yearly publication. In a year 2 issues of the journal in January and July would be published. Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmad, Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan; E-mail: The manuscript, written in English, should not exceed 20 pages in length and it should be typed in double spacing throughout on A-4 or American quarto paper. Dot matrix print or any print that is difficult to read is unacceptable. Two copies of the manuscript should be defined the first time that they are used in the manuscript and a list of abbreviations used should also be provided.
Format of the Manuscripts
(I) Abstract (not more than 200 words), Self contained (2) Key words (3) Introduction (4) Materials and Methods (5) Results (as concise as possible) (6) Discussion or may combine Results and Discussion (7) Acknowledgements (8) References
Abstract: The abstract should not exceed 200 words and it should condense the essential features of the article.
Key Words: Authors must supply up to six to eight key words below the Abstract.
Text: The main text may be subdivided in to separate section. The review article should mention any previous important reviews in the field and contain a comprehensive discussion starting with the general background of the field. It should then go on to discuss the salient features of recent developments. The authors should avoid presenting material which has already been published in any previous review. The references should appear in brackets in the text. Acknowledgements should be kept to a minimum.
Heading: The table should be numbered consecutively, must be titled, and should be given separately with indications on the left hand margin to the text where the authors would like the tables to be inserted in the proofs. The tables-should not contain vertical rules. Figures: Figures should be referred to as (Eg. 1), (Fig. 2) etc. in the text with the figure numbers given in bold. Each figure should be accompanied by a caption which should describe briefly the important features displayed in the Figure.
Illustrations: Colored illustrations and plates can be published from 35 mm color slides. Figures should be 70 mm or 180 mm wide wherever possible. Photographs of biological systems should be provided with a scale bar, where required. For colour plates, the authors will be charged as per cost of printing. The cost for each color figure is US $ 50.
Structures: The chemical structures must be prepared using ChemDraw (any version) and should be provided as separate file and submitted both on disk and in printed formats. The structures should fit in to a width of 8 cm (for structures to be inserted with in single column widths) or a width of 18 cm (ror structures or schemes to be inserted in double column widths).
Abbreviations and symbols: Authors are asked to explain each scientific abbreviation at its first occurrence in their paper. For example Duncan's Multiple Range Test (Dl\1RT). SI (System Internationals) symbols should be used.
References: Only papers closely related to the author's work should be mentioned. References should be cited in the text in case of one author e.g. Ahmad (1992) or (Ahmad, 1992); in case of two authors e.g., Ahmad & Aftab (1995); or more than two authors e.g., Ahmad et al., (1995) or (Tanaka et aI., 2(02). References will appear in alphabetic order and should follow the following style: Ahmad, M. Valerian: A drug ignored by us., Hamdard Medicus, XXXV (I), 80 (1992).
Ahmad, M. and Aftab, K. Hypotensive action of syringin from Syringa vulgaris. Phytotherapy Research, 9(6), 452 (1995).
Ahmad, M., Aftab, K., A.H. Gilani, A.H., Rizwani, G.H. and Ahmed, S.P. Acteoside: A new antihypel1ensive drug. Phytotherapy Research, 9(7), 525 (1995).
Tanaka, H., Hirata, M., Etoh, H., Watanabe, N., Shimizu, H., Ahmad, M., Terada, Y. & Fukai, T. Two diphenylpropan-I,2-diol syringates from the roots of Erythrina variegata. J. Nat. Prod., 65 (12),1933 (2002).
Reference to books and monographs should include (1) author (s) or editor (s) (2) year of publication (3) title (4) edition (5) place of publication and publisher (6) beginning and final page numbers.
Whittenbury, R. and Dow, C.S. (1978). Morphogenesis in bacteria. In Companion to Microbiology, eds. Bull, A.T. and Meadow P.M. Longman, New York. pp. 221-63.
Rahman, A.U. and Shah, Z. (1993). Stereo-selective Synthesis in Organic Chemistry. Spring-Verlag, New York.
Abstract, unpublished data and personal communications (which can only be included if the permission has been obtained) should not be given in the references section but they may be mentione4 in the text with details provided as footnotes.
Manuscript Submission: The authors should submit two hard-copies of the manuscript, which must accompany the original along with the soft copy on a computer floppy disk (s) in MS Word (or created in any other Well-Known word processing software). For rapid reviewing of their manuscript, the au',hors are strongly advised- to include the PDF files of their manuscript on a floppy or zip disk, into the mailing material.
Please provide your telephone and fax numbers along with your E-mail address with all the submissions.
For Extra Reprints Charges: 25 copies of reprints are gratis. But for demand of 50 extra reprints the charges will be:
For original paper: Rs. (Pak) 1000.00 Or US $ 30.00                               For Review article: Rs. (Pak) 2000.00 Or US $ 50.00
Proofs: Authors are sent page proofs. To avoid delays i'n publication, proofs should be checked immediately for typographical errors and returned within 48 hours. Major changes are not acceptable at the proof stage.
Copy right: It is a condition of publication that manuscripts submitted to this journal have not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. By submitting a manuscript the authors agree that the copyright of their article is transferred to the publishers if and when the article is accepted for publication.
Reviewing and Promptness of Publication: All papers submitted for publication wilf be immediately subjected to editorial scrutiny, usually in and the proofs dispatched to the authors normally with in 4 weeks of their acceptance.
Contributors are given 20 off prints of their paper free of charge. They will be charged for extra off prints.

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